Carving & Painting Noah's Ark, Paperback Book

Carving & Painting Noah's Ark, Paperback Book
About the Product
Carving and Painting Noah's Ark, by Betty Padden, walks you through the process of creating your own charming, three-dimensional representation of Noah's Ark, complete with Mr. & Mrs. Noah, 20 animals, and some fun accessories. Whether used as a delightful children's toy or a piece of art on the mantel, it will surely be handed down for many generations. Betty Padden reveals her professional tips, including easy, layered techniques for transforming a complex project into smaller, simpler carvings. A bonus pullout pattern pack is provided with full-size patterns for the Ark, animals, characters, and some fun accessories. Enjoy step-by-step instructions, paint guides, easy paint blending techniques, and plenty of color photos.