Xbox 360 Console 1439 4GB - Black (Refurbished)

Xbox 360 Console 1439 4GB - Black (Refurbished)
About the Product
Take your gaming to the next level! This Xbox 360 4GB Game Console from Microsoft delivers the most powerful gaming console, greatest game line-up, plus the next generation of on-line gaming, and amazing digital entertainment experiences all in one powerful package. Ahhh, yes. the days of only playing video games on your console are over! And why go solo when you can connect with your buddies online by simply plugging the Ethernet cable into your existing broadband connection (admit it, you just want to show off your gaming skills). Showcase stunning Xbox 360 high-definition graphics by connecting the component HD AV cable to your high-definition TV. This bad boy comes with a huge, removable hard drive which lets you save a massive amount of games, music and other Xbox Live content. .
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